Sunday, August 9, 2009

First Ever Reed Contest

About six months ago, I decided it was time to go back to Reed, the setting of my first two books. I was ready to do the third book in the series, I told myself, and despite the time that had passed since I'd written a Reed book, I began my task with a take-no-prisoners attitude and a fire in my belly. I chose Mitch, Ben Lewis's brother from The Way You Say My Name to be my main character and off I went.

I was about four pages in when I realized I just wasn't feeling it.

It happens that way sometimes with writers. We're all gung-ho until we're glued to our chairs staring at the blank page of death. I did some soul searching, worked on some other projects, and finally figured out that while Mitch should and will eventually get a story, the reason I couldn't write for him right now is because it wasn't his time yet. When you're cooking for an ensemble cast like the folks of Reed, sometimes the stories have to simmer on the backburner before they're seasoned enough to taste.

Once I figured it out I felt better but I still had a decision to make: who should I write about next? After going round and round about it in my head, I came to the conclusion the best way to chose would be by letting my readers do the picking. After all, I've kept you all waiting five years for a Reed story. I figure you're due a say.

But readers, they can be shy creatures and some don't like to speak their minds without an incentive. That's where the idea of the first ever Reed Contest comes from. I'll be giving away two signed sets of Reed books to two different winners (a name-in-the-hat drawing kind of deal). From now until September 30th, readers can enter the contest by emailing me with the answer to the following question:

Whose story would you like to see as the next book in The Reed Series:

1) Seth Morris
2) Mitch Harding
3) Randy Nash
4) Ashton Barnes
5) Dexter Carson

Like all contests, there are a few rules. You have to be at least eighteen to enter, you can only enter once, and you have to pick only one answer for it to be a valid entry. Also, you have to live in a place where it's legal to receive spicy gay romances via the mail. Oh, and you can't be allergic to dog hair because I guarantee your books are liable to have a few stray hairs stuck in the pages (I love my dogs but it's fuzz city around this joint).

That's pretty much the gist of the contest. I've already gotten a slew of entries through my yahoo group (Seth's leading but Randy Nash is coming in a strong second). So far it's shaping up to be an interesting contest. Who knew these things were so much fun?


Anonymous said...


**dancing around the room**

A chance to pick the new Reed lead and win books?!?


kel <-- a little excited :)

Sara Bell said...

LOL, I couldn't tell. I'm glad to see such enthusiasm. So far the contest is off to a great start.

THEreaderINme said...

I'm not sure if your blog is still active. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading both reed series and hope that it will be another. The story I'm most interested in are Megan and Heath's stories. I would like to know if they every got back together (hopeless romantic in me hopes they do).