Monday, May 10, 2010

So I Gots Me a New Book Out

I was going to title this post "I Haven't Blogged Since January Therefore I'm a Suckass Blogger" but it's just too long. True, but long. Instead I decided I'd just tell you about my new book and then promise to blog more often. No, seriously, I promise.

My new book (it's more of a novella really but calling it a book makes me sound more important and I'm all about the self-esteem) is called Pool Hall Green. It's about a guy named Drew who hit the jackpot when it comes to pool playing talent but crapped out in the family department.

Writing this book meant a lot to me. Though I put something personal into all my books, Pool Hall Green holds a greater piece of me because my grandpa is a professional pool player (no, I'm not gonna tell y'all which one; watch me, being all coy like that). Though pool has always been a big part of my life, I've never considered writing about it before. My grandpa was a peach, putting up with late night phone calls, endless questions, my "frantic writer syndrome." He'd always answer with, "Yes, honey. That's right, honey. You got it, honey." So often women who write gay romance don't get support from their families (or even some members of the gay community at large) and to have a 70-something year old southern man helping out on a gay romance novel is the bomb.


Chris said...

I love that story about your grandpa!

I finished reading Pool Hall Green about ten minutes ago and, like pretty much everything of yours that I've read, I really enjoyed it.

And so, because I'm a big fan of promoting author's whose work I've enjoyed, I'm wondering if you'd be interested in doing a promo/giveaway over at my blog, Stumbling Over Chaos, for Pool Hall Green or other work of your choice. Take a look around and see what I usually do, then let me know!

Take care. :)

Sara Bell said...

Hi Chris. I'm actually a big fan of your blog (squees like a fangirl). I've been over there a slew of times (that's a legal form of measurement in Alabama).

I'm so tickled you liked Pool Hall Green. I would love to do a promo/giveaway. That would so rock! Thank you for thinking of me. Just let me know what you need me to do and I'm so there :)

Chris said...

You have been?! *fans self in a dither*

Should we have a mutual squee moment?! LOL! Too funny.

Generally I would be emailing this, but I noticed your contact email was aol and aol has had a hate on for me this past week, so this seemed safer. Huh. I suppose I could email you from this account instead of from chris at SOC... *slaps forehead*

Anyway! You tell me which book you'd like to promo, I look at my schedule (which is pretty open right now, beyond a floating promo that's waiting for a publisher to actually tell the poor author when her book will be released), and pick a day to kick things off.

I need cover art (or a link to), a blurb (or a link to), a bio (or a link to), plus links to reviews or excerpts, if you have those handy. (I can also put up an excerpt at the site for you.) Voila!

My favorite sort of promo to do is the pre-release promo, kicking it off about a week ahead of release and finishing the evening before. Builds awareness, yet no one's lurking around on release day, waiting to find out if they won. But promo/giveaways to build awareness after the release work well, too!


Sara Bell said...

LOL, don't worry. AOL hates me half the time, too. I use it because it's like Internet for Dummies and I really need that.

Hmm. Well, I'm working on a piece now that's due in June 1st. I have no idea the release date but I tend to have fairly quick turn around times. If you'd rather promo a piece that hasn't come out yet, that would probably be our best bet. It might mean waiting maybe a month or so, but I could do a pretty good giveaway with it since it's a sequel. Maybe do a two-for-one type deal? I'll bow to your expertise.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sara. I am a fan of your book "The Devil's Fire", and now I know about your new work and how much they mean to you, having put a part of the history of your grandfather, I'm anxious to read it.
I really thank you for how you write, you have enough readers in Latin America. Greetings from Peru.

Valerie Oakley said...

Hi Sara,
I've been a fan for a couple of years and was wondering when the next Reed book would be out? I'm hoping for at least three more in the series one for Nate's brother, one for Ben's brother and of course Megan's story has to be a menage with two guys.

Linakro said...

Hi, Sara. I just want to say I really love your work. I'm a fan, really. I loved The Devil's Fire, Reed series, Manny, Pool Hall Green, The taste of you... all them. Anyway, I just miss your books. I mean, since a couple of years we don't had anymore and I really eager for more of Orielle world, or everything you want to write and give us. So, I really wait for more stories of you, please. And I like to ask you about a way to follow you, for will have info about your work and releases. Thanks for write son lovely and gorgeous book. Are my favorite ones, really.